Phases of the Season

Hound Jogging

The season starts with hound jogging around mid June. Riders are encouraged to come along after the Staff feels the pack is ready. If you do not have a Waiver registered with the Hunt, you will need one before you go out with the hounds. Print one out and leave it in the mailbox at the end of the Kennels driveway.  The  Secretary is not required to be present at hound jogging. There is no fee. Since there is never a set date when hound jogging opens,  call the Kennels recorded message at #243-2606. 

Cub Hunting

Hound jogging will be closed at the end of June, and then cubbing will start after a week or two of Staff hunting. The information will be on the recorded message at #243-2606. Cubbing is generally 4 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, with an occasional evening on Thursday or an added Sunday morning. The time and place will be stated on the telephone recording. Cubbing is informal, but helmets with harness are required. If you have never been foxhunting, you will need to talk to the Secretary before you come out. For your own safety, and that of others, you will need a sponsor, someone to stay with you in the field. You need to pay a capping fee or be a Supporting Contributor to ride out with hounds. Membership covers mailings and social invitations only.

Formal Hunting

Formal hunting begins with the parade of hounds down Main Street in Geneseo. This meet, our “Opening Day”, is reserved for Supporting Contributors of good standing. No cappers are allowed. Please remember that it is the person who pays to support the sport, not the horse. For dates and times, refer to the Fixtures page.


Further suggested reading for anyone interested in learning more about Foxhunting is “Riding to Hounds in America, an Introduction for Foxhunters” by William P. Wadsworth, copies are available for purchase ($15) from the Secretary.